Dallas, TX May 2013
Enclosed Rig - Driver #7

Vehicle Transportation Services

We now offer overseas vehicle transportation to Australia!

413-455-3958 for a free estimate or set up a new shipment.

If you need an update on your transport please call 413-455-3958 x104. Please have your order id ready to speed up the update process.

Major vehicle transporter based in the Northeast

     Kwik Trans Inc offers specialized vehicle transportation service for the continental 48 states of America. We operate shipping routes all across the county from the east coast to the west. Our trucks can be seen heading to Florida for the snowbirds who want to stay warm. You can also find us in California dropping off cars for the people in Beverly Hills. Don’t forget the cowboys in Texas who love their American muscles cars. Our fleet of trucks is large,  growing larger, and combined with our vast network of partners we are made redundant and more prepared for vehicle transporting.

USDOT complaint – Bonded & Insured Vehicle Transport Service

The auto transport has exploded in the past couple decades with many companies offering to ship you a car when you need it shipped. Not nearly as many companies have the due diligence to make sure they are qualified for the job. Kwik Trans Inc is 100% legally qualified to ship any vehicle. Do the research your-self and save the hassle from ill-qualified companies for the unwary customer.

Kwik Trans Inc is a complete vehicle transportation service

Categories of Services offered:

  • Auto Auctions to business
  • Auto Auctions to person
  • Dealer to customer
  • Dealer to dealer
  • Private sale
  • House hold moving and transport
  • College vehicle transportation
  • Exotic-Classic vehicle transportation
  • Snow Bird vehicle transportation
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Ebay Motors vehicle transportation
  • Damaged, accident, non-run vehicles.

If you don’t see a category that fits your need, don’t hesitate to contact us for more support. The service we operate is available primary for longer tows of 100 miles and more. We are a coast to coast company. We operate 12 trucks; 9 enclosed – 3 open trailer and truck. Here in Western Mass we have a car lot to store vehicles if need be.

Our office number: 413-455-3958

Check us out on relevant and reputable sites!

Reputation does matter and here at Kwik Trans Inc we take the necessary step to keep a good one. A good way to check this is reviews and transportreviewsdotcom can help. This is an unbiased auto transport review website where anyone can post reviews about a recent transport of theirs. Click on our link below to see our reviews!