Enclosed Auto Transport vs. Open Auto Transport

When picking a car carrier type there are two main options available.

First and most common is an Open Carrier. Choosing an open carrier is usually the most sensible option as most consumers need a quick and cost effective service. Other times, vehicle size and weight are a determining factor in carrier type because larger vehicles sometimes will not fit in enclosed carriers. Virtually all over-sized vehicle transports will need an open carrier to accommodate them in a safe manner.


The second option is Enclosed Carrier. This type of transport is bet suited for high value cars with nice paint jobs. The issues that comes up with open transport is that the road rash can leave unsightly marks on vehicles and this type of damage is not covered in insurances. Little rocks, bugs, salt, dirt or dust are always a problem open carriers and for this enclosed carriers are useful as the carrier is sealed from the road. However, enclosed carriers cost more than their open counterparts and availability on an enclosed varies on time of year and locations. Best to plan well in advanced when choosing an enclosed carrier to avoid the pitfalls of delays and increased cost.

Final Thoughts;

What ever you may choose, agents at Carshipped.com had experience in both type of transports to get a job well done. Keep in mind that planning in advance is best practice on either carrier. Providing the agent a detailed description about the nature of the transport and vehicle facts is a great way to save energy and money.

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